Marcus Wareing’s fine dining restaurant in Covent Garden


The Culinary Kids tasting menu is £17 per person


For most parents, eating out with children means their fine dining days are done. But sometimes you just want to enjoy a delicious meal together of something other than nuggets, tomato pasta and burger and fries. In a city like London, glittering in awards for the quality of its restaurants, this shouldn’t be such a struggle, should it? Yet it is, which is why Marcus Wareing’s Tredwell’s should be a rite of passage for every child. I visited with my five-year-old daughter and it was one of the most special experiences that we’ve had and I will always treasure it. I love my little ones to experience new tastes and practice sitting at the table for a length of time, but who honestly has the time? While the idea of a seven-course tasting menu specially created for discerning little palettes sounded wonderful, I wondered how it would fare. The website says little ones are very welcome but we have all been to stuffy restaurants where children are anything but. We arrived at 5pm, and began with Cc making her very own fruit cocktail, which made her instantly feel really special. The waitress couldn’t have been any nicer – taking Cc to look at the beautiful big clock – and the sommelier was wonderful at choosing (just one or two) light delicious wines to compliment mummy’s dishes. The food was prompt – which you need with a hungry little one – Cc practically finished my bowl of mouth-watering truffle pasta. And she loved visiting the kitchen, where she shyly met the chefs and happily operated the ice cream machine, choosing her topping. It was a magical evening – for both of us. We sat, we talked, we tried amazing foods, with Mother’s Day coming up it would be the perfect treat. I can’t wait to eat out with my children more.


The children’s menu starts with a beetroot, apple and rhubarb cocktail, followed by pine cured salmon, celeriac and capers. The main courses were a little tasting platter of BBQ lamb rib, roasted cauliflower, saffron, cornichon, caper and lemon, and ham hock with celeriac and barley. Anything they don’t like, you can finish it off – and they can take away the recipes to recreate at home.


In the heart of theatreland on St Martin’s Lane, in Covent Garden – a stone’s throw from Leicester Square tube station.


We went midweek for the first dinner sitting before it got too busy and it was the perfect time.


The Evening Standard called it: “High-end comfort-food heaven.”