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From finding out what it’s like working as an artist and illustrator next to her Italian vineyard to tips on the best places to go in Rome, I couldn’t wait to chat to Marialaura Fedi


The first in our series of artists who have captured A Fashion Editor’s Guide to Motherhood is Italian illustrator Marialaura Fedi. This month I’ve written about getting your children to talk, and I adore this picture of Ursula and Cecilia sitting with their, ahem, “wise” mother – this is exactly how I hope life will be like the three of us together talking and laughing.

A graduate from the university of Fine Art in Rome, there is a wonderful peace that emanates from Marialaura’s paintings – something that I crave on a daily basis.

“I think my paintings inspire calm and self confidence,” explains Marialaura. “That makes me happy because that is exactly the reason why I paint. I try to make people feel the calmness I feel when I paint, and it seems to work.”



Tell us about home?

I live with my boyfriend in a place called Divino Amore (Divine Love in English) in the beautiful countryside near Rome. Our home is on the edge of his vineyard and the colours all around are really inspiring for my work. The little things, nature and the simplicity of country life are the things I like to communicate with my paintings.


Talk us through your day…

I’m a very organised and methodical, perhaps because my dad is a scientist. I always wake up early, about 6.00am. I like to have a long and relaxing breakfast to start the day at my best, then the first thing I do is check my emails and answer the most urgent. I have a lot of different things to juggle: answering clients, painting commissioned work, managing the shop online, contacting galleries and curators, and managing the wholesales orders – I have to keep my week well planned. I work from 8am until about 6pm when my boyfriend comes home from our vineyard. Then we open a bottle of wine and start cooking something good (but I’m not a good cook). Twice a week I have a yoga lesson: I love yoga, I can’t live without it.

I was born in

Your paintings have a strong sense of sisterhood – what does the idea mean to you?

My sister Fabiola is younger than me and I have always felt a sense of responsibility towards her. I think that having siblings teaches you to take care of other people and generally to take care of the things you love.

How did your parents encourage you to be creative?

They read a lot with me, they played with me and invented fabulous tales that encouraged my creativity and also my faith in the world. I remember I spent most of my time painting and drawing as a child.

What did you want to capture in your painting for Pret A Parent?

I wanted to represent the complete love between a mother and her daughters. They take care of each other.

What inspires you about mothers?

Their strength: my mother is the strongest and most determined woman I’ve ever met.


Are there any mothers or women that you admire?

There are so many – my friends, businesswomen that I meet for work – all of them have taught me something that has changed my vision of life and business. I really have to thank women because they are my greatest inspiration and the only one actually.


“You cannot visit Rome and not take in one of our museums - my favourites are The National Gallery of Modern Art (GNAM) or The Museum of Natural History - they are not to be missed.”

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“I love to eat at Vivi Bistrot in Villa Pamphili, everything is organic and delicious and they have this amazing deluxe picnic box you can take away.”

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“For shopping you should visit Soul Studio Store. Silvia, the owner has a careful selection of magazines and independent fashion labels that I absolutely love (plus you can also find some of my limited edition prints!).”

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“Just outside the city the Wave market is a wonderful festival of arts, crafts and food that is filled with unique finds.”

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“I’m so in love with my city - I take long walks in our parks, Villa Borghese gardens or the park built around the San Callisto catacombs but The Giulia Street in Trastevere is one of Rome's must-walk streets.”

— Long-sleeve bib, £17.99, Baby Bjorn

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“And finally to find some relaxation and peace from our frenetic life it has to be our vineyard in the Roman country, Capizucchi Winery. We are excited to go out with our first production at the end of January.”

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