Tap into the new online tech boutique designed with busy mums in mind

A mother’s work is never done so it’s about time you had a little help. Step forward the quirky tech boutique, Soda (it stands for School of the Digital Age). It is created by entrepreneur Grace Gould who scours the technology world to find innovative gadgets that make life easier.

“The brand is great for mums because it takes the best of the tech world and makes it fun and practical,” says Grace. “Mums want stuff that works – like our Chipolo, the tiny coloured chip that helps you keep track of your keys, laptop, children’s sport bags etc. We reject a lot of what we see to give our customers products that will last and be useful in their lives.”

The Soda pop-up shop at Selfridges is open until Christmas but if you can’t make it down we have selected our favourite mama-friendly finds to help you keep on top of things. Enjoy!


Grace says: “This is your most personal trainer for your body’s most important muscles. More than half of women will experience bladder, sex and prolapse problems due to a weak pelvic floor. Five minutes a day of squeeze-and-hold exercises with this little device could dramatically help.”

Buy: If you want to bounce on a trampoline again

Don’t buy: If your pelvic floor is as tight as a bass drum

Price: £169

"Five minutes a day with this little device could dramatically improve your pelvic floor."

— Grace Gould, founder of Soda

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Grace says: “Now your phone can find your keys, laptop, bike, kid’s sports bag – whatever you have attached your Chipolo to will trill to a 92 decibel ditty. Further away? You can see it on a map. You can even press your new colourful friend to ring your phone if it’s on silent mode. Genius.”

Buy: If your disorganised life is one big search and rescue drama.

Don’t buy: If you are a Monica from Friends and have a drawer for everything.

Price: £19

"Lost your keys, phone, mind? Chipolo will help."

— Grace Gould, founder of Soda

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Grace says: “Spire is wearable tech that’s clipped to your waistband or bra to track your breathing in order to reduce stress. The app includes lots of meditation exercises and nudges you to take some deep breaths if your breathing is tense or stretch your legs if you’ve been sedentary for too long. Its daily report is revelatory.”

Buy:  If you believe the experts who say deep breathing is the key to calmness

Don’t buy: If your idea of calm is a fag and a large drink

Price: £129

"Take a breath and manage any stress or anxiety with this clever device."

— Grace Gould, founder of Soda

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Grace says: “It’s the fix-all for mums in our breakable world. Sugru moulds like Play-Doh, bonds to almost anything and turns into flexible silicone overnight. Especially good for mending frayed cables.”

Buy: If you’re green at heart and like the make-do-and-mend look.

Don’t buy: If you’re a perfectionist.

Price: 8 pack £12.99

"Sugru is a great way to help mums hold it together."

— Grace Gould, founder of Soda

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Grace says: “Not everywhere is near a hipster coffee shop.  This portable mini espresso machine can produce a great cup of coffee with a few pump actions. Just add boiling water, leave the kids downstairs and go back to bed.”

Buy: If you like to travel off the beaten track but must have your beans roasted and 100 per cent pure Arabica

Don’t buy: If Nescafe Instant “is just fine”

Price:  £44

"When you're fussy about coffee and always on-the-go."

— Grace Gould, founder of Soda

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