A Fashion Editor’s Guide to Motherhood
Thursday, 13 October 2017

A Fashion Editor’s Guide to Motherhood: An Introduction

Applying the principles learnt from two decades working in fashion to the world of motherhood

My first experience of how fashion and style can make you feel was a haircut when I was three. My mum cropped it to an inch long and said it would grow back thicker. She was right but when I visited Father Christmas that year he gave me a boy’s present. Stupid man.

I’d dress up with my sister most days. We would put headscarves and high heels over our pyjamas, get our prams and totter down the road. I also made some outlandish style choices of my own. The multi-coloured pineapple-print suit-set from Marks & Spencer (remember when you bought the suit in a set) complete with pineapple logo T-shirt stands out. Mum loved it, my sister had to lie down on the floor she was laughing so hard. I learnt that clothes can divide opinion but they can also get you noticed.

I have worked as a fashion editor/writer for 18 years. My career hasn’t quite resembled Anna Wintour’s (see pineapple suit above) but I have been lucky enough to interview and meet some of the most creative people in the industry.

Now I feel I have stepped into another playground, no less competitive, all consuming, tantrum-filled and exhausting to navigate – motherhood.

Experiencing my daughters’ very strong sense of self, their propensity to use made-up nonsense words, fussiness over food and strong opinions on what to wear, I thought hmm, where have I seen this before?

Yet what I loved about fashion, I love about motherhood. Seeing their limitless imagination, their creativity and openness to experience – the way they widen my eyes to the beauty of the world – playdates and rhyme time, it’s just like being back at fashion week.

I may have spent my career studying brands and hearing their creators talk with all-consuming passion, honing my eye while outlaying an absolute fortune – I’m still very much learning.

And in motherhood too, I’m still a novice – but the skills I’ve picked up along the way I shall apply to the world of parenthood, enlisting experts in various fields to get their advice on bringing the best out of our children. Let’s discover it all together.